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HR Staff Manager

HR Staff Manager is a cloud-based Human Resource Information System designed for real-world businesses. HR Staff Manager is perfect if you need to “manage on the run” and you want access to the tools and documents you need- FAST!

What used to take hours now takes minutes with our built-in Wizards for:training

  • Recruiting Staff
  • Starting Staff
  • Managing Staff Information
  • Managing Staff Performance
  • Motivating Staff
  • Reporting

Not only that, but when you choose HR Staff Manager you have access to a comprehensive library of customisable documents written and backed by Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors so you can be sure your documents are both compliant with the latest legislation and legally sound.

Our library offers you checklists, agreements & contracts, policies, forms and more covering:

  • Recruitment
  • Pay & Conditions
  • Employee Conduct & Performance
  • Termination & Redundancy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Privacy
  • WHS & Workers Compensation

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