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enableHR Staff Management System

More than 8000 businesses employ enableHR and Master HR Solutions as their trusted HR system solution.

enableHR delivers a better way of handling your day-to-day HR management needs.enableHRPartner_Web_60px (1)

Backed by lawyers, and built by HR practitioners, enableHR provides a centralised platform to ensure HR consistency and control, while increasing compliance and protection for your business.

Handle your day-to-day HR needs with ease.

As your trusted provider of business insight and human resource management advice Master HR Solutions partners with enableHR to help you drive your Hr investment further. We know that by streamlining your day-to-day HR admin and compliance through enableHR, you;ll have more time to work on what you do best.

enableHR offers SMEs round-the-clock protection with everything at your fingertips to streamline day-to-day HR administration and deliver best practices in employee life-cycle management.

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