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Employer Engagement

STAR for Employee Engagement

STAR Workplace is a unique dual-purpose tool that allows you to measure employee and employer engagement while at the same time linking your people to your business strategy.

STAR Workplace is perfect for you if you want to: Employer Engagement

  • Measure Employee and Employer Engagement
  • Identify Business & HR Priorities with your employees buy-in and participation
  • Highlight to your staff and your customers that you are committed to creating an engaged and productive workplace
  • Highlight to future staff that your organisation is unique

The STAR Workplace Report will provide you with a series of quantifiable and easy to understand results which clearly display whether your business needs are aligned with your people needs. This is called linking your people to profit and it is the first step in helping your business achieve Strategic Action.

You will also receive a guideline to prioritise actions to:

  • Maximise Growth through what you and your team do well; and
  • Minimise Risk by identifying areas for improvement.

Download a STAR Program Client Guide and contact us today about becoming a STAR Workpalce.