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Contracts, Policies, & Procedures

Contracts, Policies & Procedures

Master HR Solutions offers clients a comprehensive library of fully customisable HR documents including contracts, policies, forms, correspondence and checklists. All documents come with extensive notes on their use and application.

If you want legally compliant, easy to understand, and fully customisable HR documentation then you’re in the right place.

With our One-Stop-Shop you can get your hands on all the documents you need for:

  • Recruitment
  • Pay & Conditions
  • Conduct & Performance
  • Termination & Redundancy
  • EEO & Privacy
  • OHS & Workers Comp

Prices starting from $499 + GST for fully customisable library of HR & OHS documents.

Our clients have had particular success in submitting applications for Government and Council work thanks to our comprehensive HR & OHS documentation. If you are looking to grow your business or you want to start securing lucrative contracts, but you need to get your documentation sorted then call us today and we’ll have you ready within a week!