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Career Development

HR Smart for Talent Management

Imagine if you could manage your entire employee lifecycle with one login and one webpage? Imagine if your Applicant Tracking System spoke to your Performance Management System, which spoke to your Career Development & Succession Planning System?


In fact let’s take that one step further, how muchCareer Development easier would life be if they didn’t just speak to each another…they were all a part of the one, unified system? A system that even has the ability to integrate with your Payroll System!

Well here’s the good news, you don’t have to ‘imagine’ any longer beacuse this can be your reality…today! Say ‘hello’ to the next generation: Unified Talent Management.

The only unified technology in the world, this technology provides a deeper level by offering all solutions on the same platform with a single, shared database.

  • One solution.
  • One sign-in.
  • One place for all your talent management needs.

Using a powerful and reliable Unified Talent Management solution, you can manage your entire employee lifecycle with one login and one webpage. As stand-alone modules or one complete, Unified solution, this technology is built to meet the requirements of your organisation with over 700 configurable options.

Unified Talent Management enables organisations of all sizes to identify, recruit, develop, motivate and retain top performers.

Download a HR Smart Brochure and contact us today to bring your imagination to life.