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Meet Our Team

Anna Hetherington

A valued member of the Master HR team, Anna is a skilled and competent HR professional with many years’ experience behind her.

Anna has worked in high level client facing roles managing HR processes and systems, as well as running internal teams. She is a specialist in recruitment, as well as performance and motivation management and internal compliance. Anna specialises in the SME field and has many years` experience advising companies in vastly different industry types on recruitment trends and best practice.

Anna enjoys policy writing as well as creating and reviewing HR documentation. With a very high attention to detail, she is both exacting and methodical and has strong ethos around open communication and ethical business practices.

Possessing a strong business acumen, Anna is good at balancing internal business structures around a company`s external image and bottom line. She is motivated by developing and nurturing individuals within an organisation, and aware of the balance between corporate success with positive and well developed staff.

Anna brings a specialist approach to our HR Advisory service, and is able to help your business achieve a happy and well developed human element, combined with structured policies and procedures.