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IWS Integrated Workplace Solutions

Integrated Workplace Solutions
Tell me, is it costing you and your business time and money not to mention unwanted stress to:
  • Manage your employee’s availabilities and rosters?
  • Calculate and process the payroll?
  • Issue payslips and answer constant employee pay queries?
  • Manage your employee’s attendance time sheets?
  • Manage your employees’ superannuation contributions?
  • Manage your human resource records?
  • Keep on top of employee anniversary dates such as special license expiry, probation expiry, training updates etc?
  • Accurately calculate wage costs down to shifts, hours as well as run other management reports?
Have you been looking for a solution that will offer your business a fully integrated system from roster creation to processing of payroll and super and more?
Then you need to read on now……
There is a good chance that you have probably toyed with the idea of outsourcing the Rostering, Payroll and Time/Attendance section of your business but up until now you have not been able to find a reputable company with proven capabilities to offer a fully integrated system from start to finish. Let alone a company with the backing of one of Australia’s leading banks and a long list of businesses (raving fans) as small as 5 employee’s right through to large multi site corporations.
We have clients across Australia enjoying the simplicity, dependability and accuracy of our fully integrated system every day of the year.
We do not go on holidays, get sick or leave for another career opportunity. We are here to serve you as best we can in any way that assists in the success of looking after your most important assets…..your employees and your business.
Our list of services to you range from full integration of time and attendance systems – rosters – time sheets – payroll all with a web base presence for you and your employees to access anytime, anywhere.
Enjoy part or all of our system….our overall goal is to offer to you as little or as much support your business needs. There are specific areas that together we focus on to achieve this goal:
1. Reduce your current workload.
2. Decrease costs (time and money).
3. Increase employer and employee satisfaction.
4. Ensure accuracy and accountability.

Skills and Capability Assessment

Step 1 of 26

  • Core Skill - Written Communication

    Capability Level A
    • No evidence of this skill is demonstrated
    Capability Level B
    • Prepares basic letters, emails and reports using clear, concise and grammatically correct language
    • Organises information in a logical sequence Includes content appropriate for the purpose and audience
    Capability Level C
    • Prepares briefs, letters, emails and reports using clear, concise and grammatically correct language
    • Ensures written communications contain necessary information to achieve their purpose
    • Uses appropriate style and formats
    Capability Level D
    • Prepares complex briefs, letters, emails and reports using clear, concise and grammatically correct language
    • Edits written communications to ensure they contain the information necessary to achieve their purpose and meet audience needs
    • Ensures appropriate style and formats are used
    Capability Level E
    • Identifies key messages and information required for decision making
    • Provides advice on influencing and the needs of target audiences
    • Provides advice on the content and style appropriate for audience