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About Corrinne Zuchetti – Owner of Master HR Solutions

Corrinne Small PhotoCorrinne Zuchetti, Owner and Principal Consultant of Master HR Solutions

With a team of passionate and highly skilled HR experts working with Master HR clients, Corrinne has the pleasure of spending her time meeting new clients, developing new and cost effective solutions to meet clients’ HR needs, and ensuring existing clients are truly delighted with the services and value they receive from Master HR Solutions.

Corrinne earned her degree  Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources Management) and completed a Master of Labour Law and Industrial Relations degree from Sydney University. She is a member of the Australian Human Resource Institute.

Before purchasing Master HR Solutions Corrinne worked with organisations across many different industry sectors. These organisations include Castlereagh Imaging and Illawarra Radiology Group members of Sonic Health Care, St John of God hospitals, Illawarra Retirement Group, and BHP

As a licensed HR Coach, Corrinne is trained in and has exclusive business tools to help you improve your business by deepening your skills and insight into the HR process and effective ways to manage your employees.HR Coach logo network member

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