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Great reasons why master hr solutions is the obvious choice

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Welcome to Master HR Solutions

We are business coaches with a focus on people. More specifically, we link your people to your business strategy to create the results your business needs.

The tools and methods we use, are based on research and years of combined management experience across many different industries. We are committed to creating value through effective management of people and organisations.

Our programs, advice and expertise have assisted clients in achieving impressive results on improving staff satisfaction and business results at the same time.

Master HR Solutions is also committed to providing a socially responsible business model, and helping our clients to achieve the same.

8 Great Reasons Why
Master HR Solutions is the Obvious Choice

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We have engaged Master HR Solutions for specialist employment advice, contracts and other documentation, and have been very pleased with the timeliness, quality and service focused approach Corrinne Zuchetti provided. As a result of our experiences with Corrinne, we have since referred Master HR Solutions to several of our own business clients to provide a

Ben Kane Kane Taxation February 28, 2016

  • We do it all. From hiring, to managing, to firing, when it comes to staffing and employment issues we do it all. This way, you can concentrate on your business growth and forget about staffing and employment headaches wasting your valuable time.
  • We save you at least $50,000 per year! That’s over $4,000 a month. How? By training up an existing staff member to become your part time internal HR resource you will save at least $40k compared to hiring a HR Manager or forking out for expensive HR Consultants…or God-forbid for lawyers after you make an innocent HR mistake that ends up with the Fair Work Commission. Plus by investing in HR systems and processes now you’ll save at least $10,000 in fixing problems later (we know because that’s what our clients used to spend in HR Consulting fees when they’d left it too late to get help and everything was in a big mess).
  • We give you the procedure for getting off the exhausting (and let’s face it…pointless!) hamster wheel! Did you know that a huge 48% of Australian entrepreneurial businesses spend their days chasing their tail? They are like a gerbil on a wheel and they never reach their potential. All that hard work, the sacrifice, the headaches… all for nothing! Could you imagine? And only 22% of Australian businesses are poised for growth? Only 22% will truly succeed. What do you want for your business? Chasing your tail or achieving strategic action and growth? We give you the formula so you can leave the hamster wheel (and your competition) behind for good... quickly, easily and without any fuss.
  • We make you look like the best boss ever! You get to offer one of your best staff members an instant career development opportunity by nominating them to be trained up as your part time internal HR resource. We work 1:1 with that staff member over 18 months to give them the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to be the best internal HR resource you could possibly have. And…you come off looking like a pretty good boss!
  • We fast track your success! When you work with us, you get cutting edge, evidence based business systems and processes that accelerate your success. While your competition are all jumping on board the next new shiny thing, spinning their wheels and burning cash doing it, you’ll have the advantage of doing what we know works…and works fast!
  • We’re better than any sleeping pill when it comes to a good night’s sleep. If you’re like the rest of our clients, you started your business with more blood, sweat and tears than your staff will ever know about. You poured over the numbers every week wondering whether you could afford to pay your staff AND the rent that week. You wondered how you could keep your staff happy while still having enough cash flow to run the business (never mind that they were all earning far more than you!). And now you’re worried because your staff have either gone to Fair Work Australia or are talking about it and you just don’t know where you stand. Well forget that! There is no need for you to lose sleep over it. Not when you’re part of the HR Fast Start Program. We fix all that right up for you and you’ll never lose even another wink of sleep.
  • We like to have a bit of fun while we work. Come on, you know what we’re talking about. We’ve all met them. The consultants who arrive in their starched shirts and ties, compendium in hand. They slam down the big pile of compliance papers and start with the tut tutting; ‘You should have done this’, ‘You can’t do that’, ‘You need to change this immediately’… Talk about a kill joy! Of course we understand the importance of compliance and we’ll work with you to make sure you get there. But we also understand what it’s like to grow a business from scratch, learning as you go. We know you’ve done the best you can and that you mean well. There’ll be no ‘tut tut’-ing from us that’s for sure. Yes, there are minimum standards and requirements you need to meet; yes, there are certain processes you need to have in place; yes, there is certain training you need to provide to your staff but for goodness sake, let’s have a bit of fun while we work. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously here. If you like working with people who see you for who you are rather than just what you haven’t done, then you’ll love working with us.
  • We’re Leading The Way. Human Resources and business practice constantly evolve to keep pace with emerging issues and trends. We understand that it’s important to identify these changes as they happen, and to identify trends before they take effect in order to best deal with and benefit from them. Master HR Solutions have joined forces with the HR Coach Network and the HR Coach Research Institute. Our collaborative approach to research brings together senior executives, advisors, human resource professionals, special interest groups and subject matter specialists to make sure we’re at the forefront of the Australian business landscape. With the pace of change these days the only survivors are the innovators. Are you a survivor? If so, the HR Fast Start Program is the only choice for you.