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HR Staff Manager

HR Staff Manager is a cloud-based Human Resource Information System designed for real-world businesses. HR Staff Manager is perfect if you
need to “manage on the run” and you want access to the tools and documents you need- FAST!

What used to take hours now takes minutes with our built-in Wizards for:training

  • Recruiting Staff
  • Starting Staff
  • Managing Staff Information
  • Managing Staff Performance
  • Motivating Staff
  • Reporting

Not only that, but when you choose HR Staff Manager you have access to a comprehensive library of customisable documents written and backed by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors so you can be sure your documents are both compliant with the latest legislation and legally sound. Our library offers you checklists, agreements & contracts, policies, forms and more covering:

  • Recruitment
  • Pay & Conditions
  • Employee Conduct & Performance
  • Termination & Redundancy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Privacy
  • WHS & Workers Compensation

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