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November 6, 2017


As we head towards the end of the year, often employees reflect and consider what they want to achieve in the new year in terms of jobs and careers. For some, this can lead to job hunting and your valued employee moving on to a new future career without you.

Employees leave companies for different reasons but one we commonly hear is that “people leave managers, not companies.” According to a recent Gallup poll – of all the reasons people leave companies, having a bad manager/leader tops the list, with 50% of employees listing their manager as the reason for leaving.

Don’t despair, it’s not all doom and gloom because on the flip side employees who are empowered, engaged, valued and motivated by their leader are often inclined to stay. Now is a perfect time to reflect on your own style and consider some tips that can see you go from good to great in the eyes of your valued employees.

There is a wealth of information available on management and leadership, the following are just some practical tips our consultants have seen across some of our clients who have a great company culture and whose star employees are not considering their next move.


Motivate and inspire your team –  by sharing the company vision and help employees set team and individual goals that contribute to this vision so they are part of the journey


Provide Inspiration – Share your passion for the business but also listen to your team and allow them to contribute to help form the vision, mission and values.

Empower People. Encourage openness, transparency and involvement of team members in decision-making.  As confidence and commitment grows let team members take ownership for decisions or find solutions to problems.

Live your values – ensure your company values, policies and procedures are followed and walk the talk. Behave ethically and ensure that you are meeting all of your employment legislation requirements and treat your employees how you would like them to behave.  Also hold people responsible for bad behaviours to ensure that it does not become part of your culture and to ensure there is value in your policies and procedures.

Make other people feel important and appreciated. – Invest time and energy in your team, it is a bit like a relationship and everybody needs to be appreciated. Showing a commitment to your team and recognising their worth shows they are valued and the work they do really does matter. When people feel that value they become committed.

Continual Improvement  – Be open to ideas of new methods to improve methods of work, provide learning and development opportunities for your staff. Give them an opportunity to stretch themselves in a supported way.

Show care and compassion – Sometimes tough decisions have to be made but the communications can be handled with consideration and care. Show care and compassion for people and their situations.

Importantly and particularly with end of year celebrations creeping up, celebrate successes and arrange fun activities as a team. Acknowledging success doesn’t always have to be a costly venture – don’t underestimate the value of saying thank you and recognising a job well done. Have fun with it, you can set traditions and acknowledge success, or you may find if you fail to take the time and acknowledge a job well done, after a while your team will see no point in giving you their all and might start considering their next position.

As mentioned these are some of the take away points we have gained experienced over many years working with clients of varying industries and business size.  We can provide you with practical assistance with all of your people related activities including compliance, culture, employee recognition and management strategies.

We can help you go from good to great.







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